It is about welcoming a beautiful baby girl into this world.

Starting December, we'll make surprise visits to maternity wards across Mumbai, and drop off baskets full of love and blessings for mothers and their new-borns. Just our way of making every baby girl's first moments a little more special. And of reminding every family, just how blessed they are to have a daughter.

The basket is loaded with goodies, for both mom and daughter. Everything from baby products to chocolates, stuffed toys and much more.
This initiative shouldn't be limited to a single city. It needs to be replicated across the country. We have put together a downloadable kit to help you recreate this idea anywhere. Please do check it out.

Download Kit

Feel free to contact us (for anything) at
  • Nanavati Hospital
  • Nair Hospital
  • Thane Civil Hospital
  • Sushrusha Hospital
  • Holy Family Hospital
  • Jijau Women's Hospital
  • Tandon Hospital
These are the guys who made it happen. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.
An initiative by BBH Mumbai. Made possible through the support and generosity of our friends and partners. Terms and Conditions.